Adrián Maggi

Decidor criollo y cantor surero


“Soy cantor y decidor criollo comprometido con la realidad y la docencia desde el canto"

Adrián José Maggi was born on July 18, 1969 in San Andrés de Giles, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a composer, minstrel, decidor criollo, and guitarist of the musical folk genre called “surero” (from pampean and patagonian region, associated with the gaucho culture) and has more than two hundred musical pieces recorded.

He studied primary, secondary and graduated as a school teacher in his hometown, working as rural teacher at the same time he began his career in singing. In 1988 he continued his guitar and music studies with the teacher Don Pedro Casado, and also studied traditional Argentine dances. Autodidact, permanently he has investigated cultural and social traditions, and recovered music from different places in patagonian and pampean region. These improves his final work.

He also has played in international stages. The first time was in 1992 when he toured Uruguay and in 1994 traveled to Spain, performing in Madrid.

He is a socially committed musician, not only for their song lyrics but also for their actions. He has played in prisons and nursing home for free.

Since 2006 he has been an announcer of the Argentine Equestrian Art Squad. Recently, he participated in Seville (Spain) in the SICAP (International Horse Show).

He has recorded thirteen discs as a singer and decidor criollo and two dance discs from the province of Buenos Aires. One of them only with guitar and the other with the rural orchestra, where he plays eight bass accordion called «verdulera». The rural orchestra is a musical formation composed of accordion, guitar and violin.

Actually Adrián Maggi is one of the most important exponents of the surero song in Argentina.

Cantor Surero


Premios y reconocimientos


1ª premio “Festival de la fe y la historia” Lujan Prov. Bs. As Año 1988

1ª premio “XV Festival folklórico de Pehuajó” “Pago Hernandiano le Canta al País” Pehuajó Año 1989

1ª premio “VII Encuentro Nacional de la Sierras” Tandil Bs. As Año 1990

1ª premio “Festival Folklórico Nacional””De La Costa del Paraná” Villa Constitución Santa Fe Año 1991

1ª premio “Festival Folklórico desde la Sierra al País” Tornquist Bs. As Año 1991.

Premio revelación del Festival de Durazno (Uruguay) Año 2003

Premio Cóndor de Fuego. (La Plata).

Premio Arturo Jauretche Pensamiento Nacional. Universidad de Morón.

Declarado Prócer de la Cultura por su trayectoria en defensa de la Cultura y Tradición de nuestra Patria por la Fundación “Juan de los Santos Amores” y el  I.D.A.F. Año 2017

Premio Ancrof Sadaic. Cosquín 2018.